Top 10 Shower screen designs in 2019

Top 10 Hand Picked Shower Screen Design Ideas In 2019

Your bathroom is always a safe and comfortable spot in your home that is fashioned around your personal style. There are many things that you can obtain to customize your bathroom and make it more like you. One of these items is a shower screen. With the multitudes, if shower screens that are available on the market, the following brief was made to help you find some of the top shower screen design ideas that are the best on the market.

10. Brass And Gold Design

If you are a person who loves the look of brass and gold, then a great idea for a shower screen may be a single panel frame-less shower door. You can find different options of overall design, however, find one that fits into the single panel style. You will notice that most single panels and frame-less screens come in different designs and shapes, but they also are a great addition to the brass and gold designs in your bathroom.

9. Modern Style

There is nothing trendier than having your bathroom fit into a modernized style. Therefore, when you are looking for a more of a modernized style shower screen, you may want to consider on open entry shower screen door. If you have a large bathroom, this style will fit perfectly into place and give you easy access to your shower. It is fast and effective and will make your bathroom stand out and be more personalized.

8. Industrial Design

Industrial designs are also another trending fashion that many choose to put in their bathrooms. With a overall industrial design, there are many shower screen ideas that you can choose from that will fit your bathroom. You can go with a frame-less curved sliding glass door that is also half round, therefore you will be able to see the beauty of the entire shower and your industrial style that is within. Or you can choose to go with a stationary panel screen and a silver or bronze finish.

7. Tile And Patterned Designs

If you are a person that loves different and unique things, then finding a shower screen that shows off your shower is a must. A great idea to show off tile and pattern designs in your shower, then finding a clear glass and chrome shower screen will be the perfect fit for your bathroom. You may want to choose a frame-less or even a semi-frame-less shower screen to show off your tile and patterned designs.

6. Wood Accents

The love of wood and the cabin feel is a fashion that many seek after. If you already have this similar style starting in your bathroom, then finding a shower screen to match is simple. You can look into a Bi-fold shower screen. They are easy to install and are extremely stylish for any wood accented bathroom. With this design they save space, therefore giving you a closer feel to a cabin in the mountains that you have always dreamed of having.

5. Open Showers

For those that love to have a free for all bathroom or a bathroom where you can be you, an open style shower may be the best option for you. You can find shower screens such as the quadrant shower screens that are fashioned to fit into any corner of your bathroom, and the glass is fully clear and see-through, allowing you to feel fully comfortable within your own environment.

4. Fully Framed Shower Design

If you have a bigger family then choosing a shower screen will be easier than most. Using a fully framed shower screen, the styles are simple and easy to maintain. They are made with glass panels and are fully supported by an aluminum frame. Since there are many different designs to choose from, you can feel safe and secure that your family will make the best use out of them. To top that off this is one of the most cost-efficient shower screens that are on the market.

3. Frame-less Shower Design

A frame-less shower design can be added to almost any bathroom. They also are simple and easy to maintain and go with a lot of different styles of bathrooms. If you have a smaller bathroom and do not worry too much about design, then obtaining a frame-less shower screen may be the best option for you.

2. Sliding Glass Shower Design

These ideas are great for those that are space conscious. Having a sliding glass shower screen allows your bathroom to be simple but yet elegant. You will not have to worry about a door, but just a piece of glass that slides easily for access. The screens are great for those who like to feel left alone in a shower and feel that they are safeguarded.

1. Pivot Shower Style And Design

When it comes to style and fashion, a pivot shower style screen has the ability to give you easy access and still be fashionable. With the pivot style shower screen they can be easily maintained and cleaned, and they got with any type of bathroom decor. If you have a larger bathroom, they work beautifully at their pivot point to open the door of the shower. They are also a great addition to those that have a hard time getting in and out of the showers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, no matter what choice you make on a shower screen, consider the above-mentioned ideas. You will be proud to have a shower that functions perfectly with your life and will be stylized to your individuality. You can choose from quadrant screens, frame-less, pivot point shower screens, bi-folds, fully frame-less, sliding glass, or many others. Either choice you choose, make your decision based off of what you feel would be the best fit for your lifestyle. Therefore, take a look now and see what other options are available for you to consider, you will not regret your decision on any of the above-mentioned shower screens that were handpicked out for you.